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Fred Bannister

Fred started this family business in August 1989, after leaving a big contracting company where he was employed since February 1971. At first he concentrated on pre-cast concrete walls, but sold that division in September 2005 to concentrate on outdoor furniture. The furniture was designed in 1993 but not marketed before. With the full backing of his family members, the future looks very bright for FG Bannister.


Helene is in charge of all the admin, and also helps with business advice.

She has over 26 years of experience, and is fully qualified for this position.



Freddy takes care of the company's computers, printers, and networking. He also handles anything else related to the computer field.


Hanli runs the financial side of the business, providing advice and assistance.



Harold takes care of the company's Engineering and mould designs.

He also looks after the vehicles used by the business.


The 3 younger members are all fully qualified, and have several years of experience behind them, making them the ideal candidates to run their departments.

For all your precast concrete products. Traditional as well as custom designs. High quality. Delivery negotiable. FG Bannister.
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